It’s your  Wedding Day, the joy, the memories and what it all means to you.


edding days are probably the most important, exciting and biggest day of ones life. There are so many different elements to it, many different aspects to take care of. There’s the stress of planning – making sure the entire day goes right whilst making sure the overwhelming excitement is kept in check.

For Brides it might be that perfect story that remains unspoken; the beautiful wedding dress and the endless tier of cake, the horse and carriage, the jaw-dropping venue, the elegance in the settings, the bridal train, the list is enormous. And for the groom, it’s that one chance at a “Party of a Lifetime”, the opportunity to flex those dance moves, make a phenomenal wedding dance entrance worthy of social viralling but most of all looking forward to kissing his bride. Weddings mean different things to different couples but it is never short of one thing; LOVE.

Here at Samon Films we understand the intricacies of Wedding Films. We understand that not one ounce of this excitement must be missed out. So we work unobtrusively to capture, cinematically, a golden work of art you and your family would love to watch and watch over again for generations to come.

You can expect nothing short of excellence from Samon Films because our business is built with a passion to make this day most memorable and stress free.. We pay attention to details and with our extensive experience, we have extensive experience, we’ve travelled far and wide on destination weddings and a very vast reach of clients all of whom we have served with same extreme care and nurture. So let’s countdown to your wedding day. The show is about to get started.